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Your Guide To Buying A Home-

It’s all about YOU!

Your Needs

Your Dreams

Your Concerns

Your Questions

Your Finances

Your Time

Your Life

The Seay Group Realty’s focus is on your complete satisfaction.  In fact, we work to get the job done so well, you will want to tell your friends and associates about your experience with us.  Maybe that’s why more than 50% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Good Service speaks for itself, and we’re looking forward to earn your referrals too!

Start Your Home Search Today. Let our Buyer's Specialists assist you with locating the home of your dreams!


Buyer's Guide

Congratulations! The decision to buy your home is an exciting one. We love helping buyers find their dream home. That’s why we work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their unique lifestyles, needs and wishes. This is about more than a certain number of bedrooms or a particular ZIP code. It’s about your life, and it’s important to us.

When you work with The Seay Group Realty, you get:
Knowledgeable and professional REALTORS®
Committed allies to negotiate on your behalf
The backing of a trusted company, Keller Williams Realty
We have the systems in place to streamline the home-buying process for you.
As part of our service, we will commit to helping you with your home search by:

Previewing homes in advance on your behalf
Personally touring homes and neighborhoods with you
Keeping you informed of new homes on the market
Helping you preview homes on the Web
Advising you of other homes that have sold and for how much
Working with you until we find the home of your dreams

The Seay Group Realty team will help you navigate all the steps for the home buying process, so you love your new home!

Step 1:  Work with The Seay Group Realty team as your exclusive buying agent.  When you sign a Buyer’s Agent Agreement, you are guaranteed, by the laws of the state, that your needs will be met professionally and you will be represented throughout the entire process of buying your home.

Step 2:   Recieve your pre-qualification from a mortgage lender.

We recommend our buyers get pre-qualified before beginning their home search.
Knowing exactly how much you can comfortably spend on a home reduces the potential frustration of looking at homes beyond your means.

Step 3:  Narrow your home choices down.  Our goal is to help you find your dream home- and you need to see some in order to find the right one!  The Seay Group Realty team will send you listings based on the specific wants and needs you have requested via a personalized website, tailored to you.  Our team will schedule visits to these homes.

Step 4:  Make an offer!  When you find your home, you should present a competitive offer as soon as possible. Our team has extensive experience in contract negotiations and work to ensure you get what you want for a fair price.

Step 5:  Offer accepted! You are under contract!
Once the seller has agreed in writing by signing the contract, you are “under contract.” The Seay Group will make sure every detail is handled timely and accurately.

Within three (3) days of being under contract, buyers must deliver monies (two personal checks) to fulfill the terms of the contract. The monies are:


Earnest Money – Payment to the title company is typically 1% of the purchase   price, and is held in escrow by the Title Company

Option Money – (if there is an Option Period) Payment to Seller for the               buyer’s right to opt-out


The Option Period is an agreed upon period of time, that allows the buyer to opt-out of the contract for ANY reason. Typically the Option Period timeframe is enough time to provide the buyer time to schedule inspections and work with The Seay Group team to negotiate for any repairs.

Step 6:  Closing Time! The Seay Group Realty team partners with your lending institution to ensure your home closes properly and on time.


Funding Your Home Purchase

  1.  Financial pre-qualification or pre-approval

    • Application and Interview

    • Buyer provides pertinent documentation, including verification of employment

    • Credit report is requested

    • Appraisal scheduled for current home- if one is owned

  2. Underwriting

    • Loan package is submitted to underwriter for approval

  3. Loan Approval

    • Parties are notified of approval

    • Loan documents are completed and sent to title

  4. Title Company

    • Title exam, insurance, and title survey conducted

    • Borrowers come in for final signatures

  5. Funding

    • Lender reviews the loan package

    • Funds are transferred by wire

The Seay Group Realty team is here to guide you through your home purchase. Knowing the types of representation you are provided through the home process is important.

Real Estate brokers and their salespersons are required to disclose the type of working relationship they have with the buyers in a real estate transaction. There are several types of relationships that are available to you. You should understand these at the time a broker provides specific assistance to you in buying real estate. Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent relationships are commonly referred to as “agency” relationships and carry with them legal duties and responsibilities for the broker as well as for the buyer and seller.

A Buyer’s Agent acts solely on behalf of the buyer and owes duties to the buyer which include the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. The agent will negotiate on behalf of, and act as an advocate for; the buyer. The buyer is legally responsible for the actions of the agent when that agent is acting within the scope of the agency. The agent must disclose to sellers all adverse material facts concerning the buyer’s financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction and whether the buyer intends to occupy the property. A separate written buyer’s agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the parties.

A Seller’s Agent acts solely on behalf of the seller and owes duties to the seller which include the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity. The agent will negotiate on behalf of, and act as an advocate for; the seller. The seller is legally responsible for the actions of the agent when that agent is acting within the scope of the agency. The agent must disclose to buyers or tenants all adverse material facts about the property known by the broker. A separate written listing agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the parties.

What is it?

The Buyer’s Agency Agreement is simply an agreement, in writing, to hire a personal representative (a Realtor) who, by law, must represent your best interests to the best of his or her ability in your real estate transaction.

The Advantages of Having a Buyer’s Agency Agreement:

Professional Representation
Our team members are professional Realtors – we have the education, training and experience to guide you through the home buying process. Using The Seay Group team will help take care of all the every day real estate processes for you.

Get a Great Home Quickly and Conveniently:
Having professional realtors working for you to find and secure your perfect home when you need it. The Seay Group team will help you find a home that meets your needs, get a contract negotiated & close the transaction – ensuring you find a home in your price range.

Personal Specialist Who Knows YOU:
Our client relationships are built through open communication. We want to learn what your needs and concerns are based upon feedback and concerns so we can help find what homes would be a good fit. Having one agent who learns about YOU will save time and make the home buying process a smooth one.

The Seay Group Realty team is devoted to protecting your needs to help make one of the most important investment decisions of your life an easy one.

Home warranties provide peace of mind, knowing that the major covered components in your home will be repaired or replaced, if necessary.


Typically builders will offer full or limited warranties on newly constructed homes for a period of one-year from the closing date.
These are typically on foundation, design, materials, appliances, etc.
If the homebuilder doesn’t offer a warranty, be sure to ask WHY!

Then purchasing a pre-owned home, you can purchase a warranty that will protect you against most ordinary flaws and breakdowns for at least the first year you own the home.

Sellers of the pre-owned home may purchase the warranty (company of your choosing) as part of the sale contract.
Even with a warranty, please be sure to inspect the home prior to purchasing!

The Seay Group Realty team has a list of home warranty companies that we can provide to you that clients have worked with in the past. You are welcome to select any company for the warranty.

Is an Inspection Necessary?

YES! Hiring a licensed professional review a property you are considering purchasing is important.
Inspectors follow a Standards of Practice when conducting inspection. They do the following:

physical inspection of home
report on general condition of the home’s systems:
electrical, heating & air systems,
interior plumbing,
visible insulation,
walls, ceilings, floors,
windows, doors,
foundation & visible structure.

Inspection reports are intended to report on major damage or serious problems that require repair for the quality of the home. Buyers are encouraged to be present at any home inspection to receive valuable information as to future repairs and maintenance routines

How long does a home inspection last and what does it cost?

Typically, the time necessary to properly inspect a home is an average of 3-4 hours, depending on the size and condition of the property you are interested in purchasing. Cost does vary from $250-500 depending upon scope of work (Termite inspections, structural engineer inspections can be an additional expense over the standard inspection fee).

If repairs are needed, The Seay Group Realty team will help negotiate these in your contract.

Are you ready to begin your home search?


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